Welcome to Iceland Casino! Our vision is to create the best Icelandic casino guide seen on the internet today. Here you will find an overview of a whole bunch of reviews about various Casinos, as well as an overview of the offers and campaigns that the casinos offer.
At Ísland casino, little is left to fate. There is one thing that all these casinos have in common, and that is that they are all specifically aimed at Icelanders who want to play at Icelandic casinos online. This is a small thing that makes Iceland casino completely unique.

In working on this guide, we have made every effort to ensure accurate and honest reviews of all the casinos mentioned, and the point is that we really want you to win money and learn how to do it. These operators are relevant to Í because they cater to the Icelandic market and offer deposit methods that Icelandic players can use.

But maybe you want to try a little before you take the next step to the online casinos? Then Ísland Casino is the right place for you! We have hundreds of slots and casino games that you can try here on our site.


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The history of casino in Iceland

A casino is a form of entertainment that is highly valued by people in this country. You’ve probably heard this statement a million times before: “Icelanders have always had a very special relationship with casino games”. Iceland may not be at the top of the world when it comes to casinos as a source of income, but it’s no secret that Icelanders really enjoy gaming and entertainment.

Casinos have had to evolve a lot to become what we know them today.

It is said that the first slot machine was developed in New York in 1891, but the Internet was invented in 1969 and many years passed before it became available to the public as it is today. Before that, gambling was part of Icelandic culture, and evidence suggests that Vikings even gambled!

Today, online casinos play a very important role in the industry in general, but what were the times when only a few people had access to the internet and no one knew what an internet casino was? Did they even know what they were doing was what we call a casino today?

The situation surrounding casino games is a little different in Iceland than in other countries. These are “conflicts” that can be traced back to when arcades were still legal in public in Iceland. Because yes, the slot machine that was developed in New York in 1891, or at least the idea, eventually found its way to Iceland. And yes, there was a time when arcades were in public in Iceland. These slots were, not surprisingly, very popular in this country and they gained popularity at a record speed. Those who lived or grew up in Iceland at the beginning of the 20th century know exactly what we are talking about. At that time, people also had the Internet, but online casinos were not as widespread in Iceland as they are today. The actual slots were still crown die format.

However, this was to change in a relatively short time. For many years there was talk of a possible ban on these slots, but there was a lot of controversy. In 2007, an investigation into this revealed some disturbing details that were the nail in the coffin, and the actual slots were taken out of public view.

  • In 2007, Icelanders spent a total of 3 billion ISK on slots.
  • In 2001, the annual bet on games was 9 billion, but in 2005 the annual bet was up to 27 billion. In other words, the betting capital tripled in just 4 years!

As of the middle of 2007, arcades that you are used to seeing large crowds of people around were banned. A direct result of this was also the fact that Icelandic Gambling got the exclusive license for gambling in Iceland, and they still have it to this day.

The ban on real slots was what started the development of casinos in this country. And considering everything that has happened in this field in the last two decades, one thing is certain, Ísland Casino has had a spectacular development!

And what’s better than a casino at home?

As mentioned before, online casinos had been operating in other countries for quite some time, and because of the new ban, Icelanders also had to look around for other options if they wanted to continue playing casino games. And we at Ísland Casino will not hide the fact that we are very happy with the turn everything took!

Casino is a concept that is very widespread all over the world. It cannot be underestimated that Icelanders and people in other countries have a lot in common in this field, but there are still important differences that separate us from our gaming friends abroad. It is that many of these have access to physical casinos that they can visit exactly when it suits them.

In this country, however, the casino idea has not had the chance to develop in that direction due to the ban that was put in place in 2007. And that means that we Icelanders have to use the internet to have some enjoyment. same fun.

Although the situation around the casinos is a little different in Iceland than in other countries, we should not claim that any of us are experiencing difficulties. We have the opportunity to play casino games exactly where and when we want – and we don’t have to deal with opening hours in the same way that you would if you were to visit a real casino. Thanks to online casinos, we also avoid the expenses that a potential trip to a real casino would entail.

Especially in the last 15 years, the quality of online casinos has skyrocketed. There is no doubt about it! And that has led, among other things, to the fact that today we can enjoy an enormous amount of casinos. New casinos pop up regularly, as they should.

Within a year, hundreds of new casinos appear on the market. Are you sure it’s not about a dozen? But although this may sound completely ridiculous, it is actually quite true.

Every year we experience a huge increase in casinos in the market and we understand that it can be a bit difficult to keep up with the changes. But what do you need then? Yes a website that can help you stay informed about where you should actually be playing! And Ísland Casino can be that website for you.

As we have already said, our vision is to give you the best guide for Icelandic casinos. With our experience and expertise as a guide, we will be well suited for this project. We get it – you don’t have to doubt it for a second!

On our website you can read more about which online casinos we think are worth checking out – and don’t be afraid to try more. Remember, someone has to kiss many frogs before the frog becomes a prince, and for some, that works with online casinos too. Not everyone will necessarily reach the finish line on the first try

How to find the best casino in Iceland?

However, if you’re looking for the perfect casino, we’re sorry to disappoint you. It can more or less be described as an unattainable dream, because what is perfect? Perfection is a relative term, so it is quite fair to say that the perfect casino does not exist.

What we can promise you, however, is that the different players you’ll find on this site are highly skilled at different things. Some of them have specialized exclusively in gambling, while others have a slightly more extensive repertoire.

But at least one thing is guaranteed and safe – no matter how you spin it, gambling is incredibly fun. Whether on a computer (laptop or desktop) or on your mobile! Or if you like to play in a crypto casino or maybe you prefer to play in a new casino? We’ll fix it!

The fun is delivered straight to your screen – or wherever you want to play casino!


Icelandic casino dealers

How do we rate Icelandic casinos in our reviews?

When we evaluate Icelandic casinos in our tests, we have a checklist of points that we go through. These are not points that we have come up with randomly. These are things we know Icelandic players appreciate.

As we are also players and live in Iceland, we know that it can be difficult to play in a casino from Iceland. With a high score in our tests, we can be sure that the casino has a good selection of games, good bonuses and solutions suitable for us who live in Iceland. This is especially important for those of you who like to play at new casinos.

The tracking in our tests is also extremely accurate. We don’t just visit casinos and do tests. We test the casinos over a long period of time. This way we can keep track of promotional offers from the casino. We will also see how quickly the casino is introducing new slots.

And best of all, if we’re lucky, we get to see how fast the casinos are paying out winnings. We know that many players appreciate getting their casino winnings paid out quickly. At least we do.

We believe that by emphasizing these points, we can create an Icelandic guide to casinos that has a higher value. We believe this because the points we consider are important to be able to have both a good user experience and a good gaming experience in Iceland.

Below we will go a little deeper into the things we look at when testing Icelandic online casinos. We believe that it can be useful for new players who have no experience and can learn a lot from reading this. If, on the other hand, you are an experienced player, you will probably get more benefit from reading game reviews or reviews of Icelandic online casinos.

This characterizes the best casino for Icelandic players:

  • Secure and user-friendly payment solutions
  • Big sign-up bonuses and good promotional offers
  • Huge selection of games and many new online slots
  • Fast processing of winnings when you win in the casino
  • Security – both against hacks and game problems

Registration bonuses in online casinos

For many, the most important thing about trying a new casino is the bonus they can get. We won’t hide the fact that free casino bonuses are something we like too. There are an incredible number of different offers and they come with long text in small print. Terms and conditions can be very important to familiarize yourself with before you grab a casino offer for new players.

A good shortcut to finding good bonus listings, where both the bonus and the rules are good, is to read through our Icelandic online casino reviews. We have a lot of experience both working and playing in casinos, so we quickly learned how it works. If you spend a few minutes looking at some reviews, you can secure yourself a better casino bonus.

We can roughly distinguish between two different bonuses for new players. There are free bonuses or no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses ie. bonuses you have to deposit to withdraw. In addition, the bonuses can give you either free spins or bonus money, or a combination of both. In our Icelandic casino reviews you can find all these bonuses.

Free bonus for new players

New players who sign up at a casino can sometimes receive a free bonus. All it takes to get this type of bonus is to register on the site. In some cases, one must also verify the player account. Normally, you get free spins that can be used on one or more selected slots.

  • Free spins without deposit
  • Bonus money without deposit

we get help from trusted sources like to get you the best offers, and for those who want to know more about using Coolbet in Iceland, we recommend reading the article we have written about Coolbet to get detailed information.

A selection of slots and live casino

What the various casinos offer in terms of gaming opportunities and entertainment is of course incredibly important. Some Icelandic casinos focus on online slots, while others only live in live casinos with real dealers. Of course, there is a lot of room for your own opinions about what is best. That’s why we also put a lot of emphasis and spend a lot of time going through the game library of the casinos we test.

In our casino tests, we don’t just focus on the number of slots you’ll find in a casino lobby. Quantity is important, but we must not forget quality either. How good slots are is often calculated based on how high their payout percentage is or how big their progressive jackpots are. With our casino guide for Icelandic casino players, you can find the casinos with the best games.

Today, almost all Icelandic casinos have games from the well-known manufacturer Evolution Gaming. This means that the vast majority of casinos in Iceland have a good selection of games with real dealers. However, there are some game providers with real dealers, who can provide an even better selection. Using the casino guide you can find the best “live” casinos in Iceland.

There are new slots almost every day and it can be hard to keep up. However, in our Icelandic casino guide we publish many news and reviews about slots that have just arrived at the best casinos. These reviews give you the chance to try out new machines early, and at the same time you can also secure big casino signup bonuses from our casino guide.

  • Slots with a high payout percentage
  • Slots with big jackpots
  • New online slots

Deposit and processing of winnings from online casinos in Iceland

For a long time, the Icelandic authorities have tried to crack down on gambling on foreign gambling sites. This is something they haven’t managed yet. However, they have had many Icelandic players asking if it is legal to play at a foreign casino. We can give a short and simple answer to that:

– Yes. It is legal to play online in casinos located abroad.

One of the methods that the Icelandic authorities have tried to prevent gambling is to impose a moratorium on Icelandic banks, which means that they do not have the possibility to carry out transactions to or from casino sites. This has meant that sometimes it can be difficult to deposit into the casino.

However, there are many solutions that allow you to deposit in the casino both safely and easily. Of course, not all casinos offer this, but here our best casino guide is again useful. We are well informed about the payment methods you can use to deposit at casinos and we also know which casinos accept these payment methods.

When we first mention payments and casinos, we cannot avoid withdrawing winnings. After all, we play in the casino with the hope of winning the big prize. When we win and withdraw from the casino, we want to get the winnings as soon as possible so we can celebrate a little. When it comes to withdrawals, the casinos have many different practices. Some have automatic withdrawals and that gives you faster withdrawals from the best casinos. Others, on the other hand, take longer to work the counter, and that’s a clear minus in our book.

  • Deposit methods for Icelandic casinos
  • Fast processing of withdrawals from online casinos

License, ease of use and security

We will not hide the fact that we are in favor of an Icelandic gaming license for online casinos. First of all, it would have given the Icelandic authorities tax revenue and, in addition, they would have had a better chance of creating rules to set the market. And for us gamers, we could have much better consumer protection. But as you know, there is no Icelandic license for online casinos.

Even if there is no Icelandic casino license available, the licenses are still important and this is not a reason to care if a casino has a license or not. Among the most important licenses we have licenses from MGA, UKGC, Curacao, Spelinspektionen and Danske Spil. In order for a casino to obtain one or more of these licenses, they must meet several requirements and follow strict guidelines.

In addition, the online casino must periodically undergo supervision by the authority that granted the license. For us players, this means more security. A license can be seen as a stamp of quality and a guarantee that the casino is serious and does not engage in fraud or scams. In our Icelandic casino guide, we focus on real licensed casinos.

Playing at the casino should be easy. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time learning how a casino works. That’s why user-friendliness is something we put a lot of emphasis on. Here, for example, we look at how well the process of depositing or verifying your account is explained. In addition, it also raises the question of whether you have access to Icelandic customer service at the casino.

Security is important and the fact that a casino goes out of its way to increase security for you shows that it is serious. First, providing personal information such as name and phone number online can be risky. However, if the casino uses encryption, this problem will be solved and it will be completely safe to enter the information. Encryption will also make it safe for you to deposit at the casino, even if you enter the card number for your VISA card.

Online gambling can be addictive and here too it is important that the casino does its part to ensure that you do not get into trouble. They may do this, for example, by allowing you to set up gambling restrictions that may limit how much money you can deposit into your account or how long you can spend in the casino playing online slots.

  • Casino license
  • Online security
  • Game goals

Which casino is best for Icelanders?

As you may have understood, it is difficult to name one casino that is best for Icelanders. There are many, and often big, differences between the casinos and besides, we players have different tastes. A casino that works very well for one player may not be suitable for another. This means that it can be an advantage to try several different casinos before you find the best online casino for you.

This does not mean that our Icelandic casino guide cannot be useful. By reading our casino reviews, you can quickly find different casinos that might be good for you. For example, do you think big bonuses and good promotional offers are important, or if a large selection of live casinos is most important, then you can find out if a casino scores well in our tests.

While tastes vary from player to player, there are still certain things that are important to everyone. Here we are specifically talking about payments to the casino, i.e. deposits and withdrawals. In order for us Icelanders to be able to play at a casino, we depend on certain payment methods so that you can deposit. Furthermore, fast casino withdrawals are something we know all players appreciate.

You can read about all this in our casino reviews in our Icelandic casino guide. This gives you as a player useful and accessible information so you can quickly find the best casino. This in turn means you can avoid bad and unscrupulous online casinos by using our best casino guide.

It’s not just about winning money when you play at a casino – it’s about having fun. In order for it to be a good casino, it is absolutely necessary that it works at its best. We think about all this when we test Icelandic casinos.

How do you start gambling in Iceland?

If you are a brand new player with no experience in online casinos, it can seem difficult to get started. You’re not even sure you know where to start. A good tip is to use our Icelandic casino guide to find a safe and real online casino. It will give you a good start.

Read casino reviews to find safe casinos and avoid scams.

In our casino guide for Icelandic casinos, we emphasize safety and trust. First, we only recommend licensed online casinos. We avoid all unlicensed casinos. The reasons for this are that there is a very high chance of being cheated in an unlicensed casino. Once you have found a safe casino that seems exciting, you can visit the casino, take a look around and form your own impression. If you think the casino looks good, you can register and deposit to claim your bonus.

After you have registered, we recommend that you verify your player account. This is a security action that must be taken before winnings can be withdrawn. This way you can save time when you have won a prize that you want to withdraw. Account verification is done, among other things, to ensure that no one else misuses your identity online, so completing account verification can increase your security.

The verification itself is in most cases very simple and easy. What you need to do is to upload some photos of ID ie. a passport or driver’s license, an invoice or statement confirming your address and the payment method you wish to use for deposits and withdrawals. This will take you a while, but for the casino it may take some time to check the images. Then again, by completing account verification upon registration, you can avoid unnecessary waiting time when it comes time to cash out your big win.

Once you’ve logged into the casino, you can deposit and try slots that you find interesting. Our casino guide can also help you here. We have many reviews of new online slots.

  • Choose a casino from the guide
  • Register and verify account
  • Deposit and get a bonus
  • Play online slots

Choose the casino that has your favorite games and get a signup bonus

If you are a more experienced player, our casino guide can be helpful if you want to try a new casino. We emphasize that the casinos must be real and safe. Thus, the casino guide is also useful for you. As mentioned, there are often new casinos, but it can be difficult to stay up to date. Use our guide to find a new online casino so you can secure a big signup bonus.


Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ)

Is it safe to play online casino in Iceland?

As long as you stick to the serious licensed websites recommended on this page, we believe it is completely safe to play online. However, you should never play for more money than you can afford to lose, and if you run into problems, contact us for help.

Are online games banned for Icelanders?

There is a lot written about foreign casinos in the Icelandic media, but we can assure you that it is completely legal for Icelanders to play online. You can both deposit and withdraw money with Icelandic bank cards and it is 100% legal to play online.

How old do you have to be to play online?

The players we mention here at Ísland Casino are licensed in European countries and therefore all have an age limit of 18.

Where can you get the fastest withdrawal?

It varies from operator to operator where you get your money the fastest. Remember that you must always verify your game account before the first withdrawal, so feel free to do this as soon as you have registered as a player. In this way, it is guaranteed that you will get your winnings paid out as soon as possible.

How can I complain if I'm not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied with any of the partners you find on this site, you can contact their customer service directly. Most offer support via email, phone and live chat. If you’re not getting enough help, we’d love to hear about it, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell us about your problem.

Is it a good idea to play with bonus money?

As soon as you get a bonus, you also get a mortgage claim on this bonus money. This means that you must play a certain number of rounds before you can withdraw your winnings. So be sure to read the bonus rules carefully before you start playing so you can be sure of what you have to deal with.

Which casino do you recommend for me?

Where you should play is entirely up to you! On this page we have several different top lists that can give you an indication of which casinos might be suitable for you. Read the reviews and make your own decision based on them.

Why is there a turnover requirement for the casino bonus?

The answer here is quite simple: the casinos cannot give out money without getting something in return, and when they give out bonuses there must always be some playing requirements for them. That means you can’t just create an account, get a bonus and withdraw all the money again. In such a case, game offers like this may not exist.

How can I contact you?

We would love to hear from you if you have any comments about our site, if you have any suggestions for improvements or if you have had any problems with any of the casinos we have on our list. At the bottom of the page you will find our contact page where you will find our contact information.